Monday, July 4, 2016

The Lost White Tribe (Five Stars)

A very interesting book. Robinson discusses 18th and 19th century theories on race, which evolved from Biblical theories regarding Moses, his sons and the repopulation of the world following the Deluge. This was superseded by more "scientific" theories regarding biometrics, archeology, linguistics and the results of European exploration of previously isolated areas.

The intellectual gymnastics that 19th century authorities had to go through in order to justify European domination of Asian and African peoples (whether in the form of colonization or slavery) is explored in the book, but the most interesting part for me were the theories where Caucasian races MUST have had their own civilization in Africa (in the case of Zimbabwe) or explained the mound builders in America. These theories all had the same basis in that they believed Asia was the wellspring of the Human race and NOT Africa, which we now know is the case.

These theories are significant in that the Nazis later bought into the idea of an "Aryan race" (which in fact was a common Aryan language, NOT a race) and in popular culture the idea of a lost white civilization somewhere in Africa found its way into literature and movies. A fascinating topic!

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