Saturday, January 7, 2017

Fires of October (three stars)

There is a lot of good information about the planned U.S. invasion of Cuba in this book, which includes information about Soviet tactical nukes which was not known until relatively recently. However, the book also contains simple errors, such as describing the division of Cuba into three military regions, two eastern and one central (by the description of the areas, it was clear that one of the easterns should have been a western). There are a few other errors of this sort.

The invasion of Cuba was in response to the siting of intermediate- and medium-range ballistic missiles on the island, posing an immediate threat to the southeast and Midwest and a threat to all of CONUS short of Seattle once the intermediates became operational. The U.S. planned a combined amphibious-air assault-airborne operation which would rapidly take control of key airfields and other objectives in the vicinity of Havana. Unfortunately, the information reads more like a PowerPoint presentation than a description of a potentially-hard-fought and courageous battle who save the United States from the threat of nuclear annihilation. Still, an excellent reference if you ever want to write an alternative history novel about the invasion

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