Book Review Guidelines

I review books for Amazon, Goodreads and my blog. If you have a book you would like me to review please read the following:


That means I don't do poetry, romance novels, mysteries, history novels, religious books, sci-fi or those books which have mythical creatures like vampires, elves or human beings who actually care about customer service.

I can only review so many books, so please email me at and put "Book Review" and the title of the book on the subject line. Provide a synopsis of the book and I will let you know if I will review it.

I'll consider any history book, but I am especially interested in the U.S. Civil War, WWI and aviation history. I will read memoirs if they are of an interesting enough topic.

I will make time to review any book on the history of air defense or antiaircraft. If I decide to review your book we will make arrangements to download on Kindle or make other arrangements.

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